Please let me share a little information with you. I found this while research Final Four history out of a love for the sport of basketball If you are as huge a follower as myself then I know you will find this appealing .

Final Four is a expression used often whenever describing the last 4 teams remaining in a tournament Most widely recognized whenever used in reference to the competition of the NCAA. Public random drawings for seat tickets to the Final Four Game were held first around 1974. First printed to a NCAA established distribution in 1975, the phrase "Final Four" was utilized to explain a 32-team bracket with the terms there could possibly end up being absolutely no more than a couple of teams representing any conference. A trademark was registered by 1981 for the phrase "Final Four" an the first use date of 1978 was connected to it.

The following 4 years in Final Four History saw an increase of reputation in Final Four tournaments and a increased requirement for tickets arose. Each year a scramble began with supporters making an attempt to acquire their Final Four tickets while participants strove to obtain entry.1983 saw the addition by the NCAA of the rule that the location for the Final Four Tournaments would certainly have to consist of a 17,000 seat capacity minimum. While the computer industry gained recognition a computerized drawing for Final Four seats was performed. Then by 1989 it had been determined that a 30,000 seat minimum would be necessary for at least 3 of the next 4 venues where the tournament would be held.

At one point in Final Four history a guideline was passed that explained no team could be allowed to play at their home court establishing the need for a court neutral to all teams taking part. Followers of the competition were restricted to a maximum buy of 2 seat tickets each by 1990 and 1996, with increase in popularity of the online world, a web site was created for the Final Four. Another capacity increase in 2003 saw the minimum seating need move from 30,000 up to 40,000 in 2003.

This point in Final Four history finds all tournament games with nearly full capacity and no sign of scaling down. The NCAA Final four tournaments are sure to keep packing full with stoked followers waiting to see their own team move forwards to a championship. Final Four history is rich with wins and losses but has always been one of the quickest growing tournaments throughout its short history.

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