All living and non-livings things have a purpose of their existence on the earth. Each one has a unique purpose to live. God has assigned some work to humans to show their worth. Life is a meaningful version of human existence on the earth. The ultimate goal of finding your life purpose is a journey towards self realization.

Purpose driven life has a meaning and message for the world. God has sent human to serve million of distress and disabled people who need assistance. This you can do by doing your part of work with full devotion and dedication.

God has shaped each person in accordance with his capabilities and intelligence and asked us to paint the world with new bright colors. Now it is our duty to fulfill his wish. Man has enormous potential within himself. It is his responsibility to bring out his capabilities to achieve the higher levels of conscious.

Human birth is bliss. One has to choose from Self-gratification or self realization

The human soul is achieved after transmigrating through various lower species. Now God has given you the opportunity to utilize your current life. You are a tool in the hands of the creator to do some good for some one who needs you. God retouches it incomplete picture by your presence. You can help the needy, depressed and indecisive people to lead a better life.

The body is a temporary house of soul but the soul is eternal and immortal. Our purpose of a driven life should be escape from sense gratification. Only the advanced brains can do this and that is human.

God does not frighten any one but he makes us fearless to face the challenges of life. It is the human lust of materialistic things that he gets easily lured by the materials. God wants you to recognize your purpose of life. God wants you to identify the greatness of your character. God wants you to serve him passionately not by restrictions.

He (God) transforms you like a clay pot. He moulds you in a particular shape and puts you in the fire of ordeal to make you stronger. It is our inner self and conscious which targets out thought process. Thoughts are like magnets, each has it own fields. Some has a strong magnetic field whereas some are weak; you have to witness its effect on one to one bases. Constant visualized thoughts are summoned by our subconscious and they get blessing from the almighty and increases our faith in the Supreme power. A spiritually aware person would never try to prove his truth as he has a full confidence in the almighty and values it truly.

Finding your life purpose leads to the awakening of great spirits and hopes to the people. It is like a mentor who shows them a path to live with compassion and love. Most of us live in disharmony; disillusion our non ending dreams and desires. Purpose of life should not be confused by needs. Needs are focused around one’s self where as purpose has broader perspectives to it.

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