Many people agree helicopter tours are the ideal way to take in the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, you have to pay more to see the Grand Canyon this way. Still, there are ways you can get a discount so the cost is more affordable, such as using a helicopter promo code.

Save Money With Promo Codes For Helicopter Tours

Here is what you should know about promo codes. These deals lower the cost of a chopper tour by a set percentage. Expect to get savings in the range of 3-10 percent off the normal price of your ticket.

Be sure to look for expiration dates on these codes. Since tour operators create these coupon codes to get a boost in sales, they usually expire quickly. You want to read the complete details of the promo code because it might be good on certain flights only.

If you book your tour on the internet, you will find the best promo codes available. It will cost you much less to buy your tickets online when compared to anywhere else. When you combine the online savings with the coupon code discount you can really save some bucks!

A lot of people like taking helicopter tours to the West Rim since it is just 120 miles from Vegas. You can go to the South Rim from Vegas but you need to get there by bus or airplane, and then you can transfer to a helicopter. Folks starting out in Arizona cities like Flagstaff, Scottsdale, Phoenix or Sedona will go the South Rim. You can use a coupon code for tours to both rims of the Grand Canyon.

Using Promo Codes

It isn’t difficult at all to use a helicopter promo code. Here is how to use a coupon code on a tour operator’s website when you buy your tickets:

  1. Click the link to the booking form.

  2. Select your desired tour along with the departure time, date and number of passengers.

  3. Type in the coupon code (usually on the page just before checkout).

You will see the base price displayed on the page along with the discounted price you earned by using a coupon code. You will save quite a bit of money doing this, especially if you buy tickets for your whole family.

Additional Ways To Save

There are some other tricks you can use to lower the cost of tickets for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.

One thing you can do is book your trip in advance. Try to get your tickets two weeks before the date of your tour. Booking early saves money on ticket prices and lets you choose from a wider variety of tours so you can get the most popular ones, including the coveted early morning flights.

Remember you should buy your tickets online, directly from the tour operator’s website. The tour operators are the ones that set the prices for their tours, and they’re in the best position to offer helicopter coupon codes and other discounts.

Summing Up

Helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon will offer you a thrill of a lifetime, just know they are the most expensive tours you can take. However, you can get a steep discount when you use a coupon code and buy your tickets online. So follow these steps to save a bundle on your tickets and then you can enjoy your helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon even more.

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