A true weight training program is a must for all high school football players.
To get faster, stronger and be able to hit harder, your football training workouts must be done correctly! Your football workouts must be designed well and done with the correct exercises.

Any football training program, done for strength and speed, that is put together by just pulling exercises and workouts from different magazines and websites is of zero value. Doing random exercises will do nothing for you and may even decrease performance on the field. High school football players often fall into this trap because most of football training programs out there that are marketed to them are by people with no real knowledge of the sport, they’re just out to make a quick buck by selling workouts that don’t work.

Football Strength Training Workouts for High School Football Players

So, how do you design a weight training and speed training workout program for football? Well, we need to focus on strength, speed and explosiveness.

This is done by structuring the workouts to start with something quick, like Box Jumps or Power Cleans.

Then, it is followed by a pure strength movement like Squats, Deadlifts, Bench press, etc.

Then we do assistance exercises. The purpose of assistance movements in your football workouts is to add muscle and quality weight.

So, this is what a good football weight training workout would look like for a high school player.

Box Jumps – 5 Jumps

Front Squats – 8 x 3

Straight Leg Deadlifts – 4 x 6

Swings – 3 x 8

Hyper Extensions – 4 x 8

Weighted Sit Ups – 3 x 12

In that football workout, we covered speed and explosiveness, strength, and muscle building. Plus we covered lower back and ab training as well.

This kind of weight training workout is perfect for high school player because it focuses on basic exercises and targets the areas most important to us…strength, speed, explosiveness and more muscle! Make no mistake about it, unless you are strong, you will not be a great football player. Strength

dictates all other aspects of athleticism (speed, agility, explosiveness, etc). The stronger football

player will almost always win.

This confuses most people. They assume that you don’t need to be super strong to be a great

football player. They also fail to see the correlation between strength and speed.

Now, a lot of players do accept this but go about it in the wrong way. I get countless emails from

people asking me to evaluate their programs. Usually, they’re working hard but not getting the

results they want. And, usually it’s because they are confused about how to actually get stronger.

You need to focus the strength portions of your weight training workouts on pure strength – low reps, heavy weight on big exercises.

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