Horse racing sports betting is not only an exciting venture but a profitable one as well. Well, this excitement can’t get better than the initial bonus that horse racing betting websites avail to new members. For a start you can get $50 dollars and this you can stake on a horse which has good odds. And if you win you can proceed betting or call it quits. So this i just one of the attractive aspects of horse racing betting online.

As a bettor, what you need to do is to identify and select a winning horse which is am a matter of discretion for hold hands. So how do you go about identifying the best horse? Well, it is not simply a matter of looking and giving assessment based on perceptions. First, you should know how to calculate the racing outcome. You should also know what is at stake, the money placed on the bet and the betting odds of your opponent.

If you are comfortable or conversant with fractional odds methods of calculating horse-racing sports betting rewards then you can use it. The formula is (L/R)+1. This simply means that you take the spread on the right and divide it with one on the left and add one to the results. Its quite simple as that. For instance if you have odds of 8/4 on the winner, then divide it 8 by 4 which gives you 2. Thereafter, add one to this results which comes to 3. Now to get your return, you need to multiply your stake with the resulting figure which amounts to an impressive $ 40 reward.

Alternatively, you can use the decimal odd which is offered by some websites hence no need of making any conversions. In case you know your decimal odds minus your stake you will just need to add a point to come up with a stake. Once you know your stake, then multiply it with the figure provided. The ultimate figure then becomes your reward. The other option is to use winning accumulators where you need to convert odds to decimal, add a point to the figure and then multiply it with your stake to get the value of your horse-racing sports betting reward.

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