Everyone knows choosing the proper footwear is important nearly any physical activity. This is especially true for horse riding. The correct type of horse riding boots will often keep you safe from a dangerous fall while still being comfortable for the rider. The main point you need to really know when choosing the right boots is to know the kind of riding activity you will be doing. For example, casual horse riders normally wear low-cut riding boots. They are easier to wear, and they provide a looser fit, meaning they are also more comfortable.

Most people picture riding boots as those tall black boots fitted up the leg. The truth is these are just one type of boot. Leg fitted boots are made this way to better communicate your riding instructions to the horse. Boots with a loose top can send the wrong signals to the horse, possibly leading disaster if you are in the middle of some type of rigorous activity. Avoid these kinds of problems by choosing the proper boot for your specific build.

One fact you need to remember is that basically there are two styles of horse riding boots. The first is the one most people know. It is a traditional plain front pull on boot. They have no laces or zippers and worn for dressage and shows. They other style of boots are the lace front or zippered back field style boots, which are commonly worn for hunter jumper class events. You’ll find that many experienced riders prefer these boots because of how rugged they are. Many riders wear them everyday of a three day show and come away with no issues whatsoever. If you decide on wearing pull on boots, make sure you have a boot jack and boot pulls handy. These help in eliminating any possible creasing or damage to the boots as you are putting them on or taking them off

Men’s riding boots can be found in a variety of different styles, many of which are made for a specific type of riding. You can choose from tall riding boots to paddock boots. Men’s horse riding boots usually cut a little wider in the foot area than women’s riding boots. This wide cut creates a more comfortable fit without giving up any of the style. Women’s riding boots tend to be more colorful and stylish than men’s boots.

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