Commercially bought perfume is full of chemicals. Most people that wear perfume will wear it every day, so that chemicals are seeping into the skin day after day. Chemicals can cause allergic reactions and hormone disruption. To be sure that there aren’t harsh chemicals on your skin, creating your own perfume is the best way to know what the ingredients are. Plus, creating your own perfume is fun. When someone asks if you got that wonderful scent from 99perfume, you can proudly state that you made the perfume yourself.

There are two ways you can create your own personalized scent. The first way is to go to the store and buy the ingredients like essential oils that you will need. The other is to create the scent you love based on flowers you have on hand.

How to make perfume using essential oils and notes

Create your own perfume using essential oils and notes of scent. Every perfume has three levels or notes of scent. The base note, middle note and top note are each important to the mingling of the scent and how it melds to create a distinctive fragrance. The base note is the one that sits on the skin the longest and doesn’t wear as quickly. The middle note basically links top and bottom notes together. The top note is the one that is strongest but will disappear quickly. The middle note is the one that decides the type of scent either floral, spicy or earthy to name a few. There are many essential oil databases that will let you know the perfume note category that the oil falls into, and this will help you make the choice of scents with which to experiment.

Once the three notes are chosen, you will need bottles to hold your creation. A carrier oil is needed as well. This will hold the notes together and help them mix seamlessly. Alcohol will be needed too. The carrier oil is added first, then it is time to experiment with fragrances until satisfied. Once the scent is ideal, the alcohol should be added and the lid attached. It is important to shake the bottle for a few minutes then allow it to sit. The fragrance changes over a long period of time. The shortest time it should sit is forty-eight hours, and the longest is six weeks. Check periodically until the fragrance is perfect. Once you are happy with the scent, add two tablespoons of distilled water and shake. Filter the liquid through a coffee filter and transfer your new perfume to a pretty bottle. The new perfume is ready for use. The bottle should be stored in a cool, dark place for long time use.

Eco-friendly and organic

The second way to make your own perfume is a purely organic and green process. The ingredients come from the garden or wild flowers found in nature. The scent you would like is based on the smell of the flowers. Use one to one and a half cups of flower petals. The flowers should be free of dirt, pesticides and contaminates. Next, take two cups of distilled water and add it to an aluminum pan along with the petals. Put the petals and water onto the stove to simmer. The mixture should never be cooked on high since that will ruin the smell.

The contents should be checked regularly to be sure it is not being cooked and that the water has not disappeared. After two hours, the mixture should be ready. The contents should be removed from the heat and allowed to cool. After it has had a chance to cool fully, strain the mixture through cheesecloth to remove the bits. The perfume is now ready and can be put into a pretty storage bottle.

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