The spouse who bears your tantrums throughout the year with a smile also needs to be pampered. There is a definite need to make them feel special. What better day to make them feel wanted and exceptional than Valentine’s Day?

Make this Valentine’s Day special by making your spouse feel special. Nothing works better than a feeling expressed in a special manner on Valentine’s Day. Here’s how to achieve that special bond of love.

Make The Moment Special

  • Fill in the bedroom with his/her favorite flowers.
  • Wake him/her with the favorite cuppa of flavored tea.
  • Also remember to play your common favorite numbers.
  • Nothing works better than the choicest things are on a platter, so splurge your spouse for a day.

Let There Be Privacy

Cancel all your appointments and stay at home. In case of the wife, she would love the idea of you being around spending the day with her. Sneak into the kitchen and cook a meal for her. She would appreciate the gesture far more than the Thai dinner you will order from outside. In case of a husband, pester him to take a break and plan a day out sans any phone calls and emails.

Pubs Free Day

Let the music be completely soft and surreal. Keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is all about pure romance. Play Mozart and Beethoven instead of the regular R&B. Do not end up landing in a pub to celebrate, instead turn your chosen venue into a love nest. Keep the groundwork done on priority basis and catch hold of a surreal venue for the celebrations.

Gifts To Remember

You can gift some jewelry piece like diamond studded brooch and tie pin. In case of wife, nothing works better than an emerald and diamond ring. You can also gift a bunch of red roses for a romantic feel. Besides, flowers like kaffier lily teamed with allium also work well in the romantic surprise.

Let there be light

Candles are always the simplest yet chic way to add zing to the occasion. You can use scented floating candles to decorate the entrance and tables. Use white and red potpourri candles to add positivity to the decor mood.

Go ahead and make your spouse wonder what hit him/her!

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