Magic: The Gathering is a strategic fantasy trading card game. Cards are rated by rarity, from least rare to most rare. The rarity of cards are categorized by common, uncommon, rare, mythic rare, and also a foil version of every card that makes the card slightly more valuable. The game works with you playing a powerful wizard, called a planeswalker, who uses creatures, spells, and weapons to destroy other planeswalkers. So, let’s get started on instructions on how to play this strategy, fantasy, and fun game.

  1. Buy Cards: You can not play Magic without having the cards. Your deck of cards is your arsenal. The cards come in Booster Packs, Intro Packs, Clash Packs, Fat Packs, and Booster boxes. The best way to get started is to purchase an intro pack. Cards can be bought at a comic or card store, or even a department store.

  2. Set up your Constructed Deck: The constructed deck is made before, and brought to wherever you are playing. The deck must have a minimum of 60 cards, with no upper limit. In Magic, cards are released in blocks; each block explains a story of which the cards correlate with.

  3. Playing the Game: Now, that you have compiled your cards and made a constructed deck, you are ready to start playing the game.

. Start by facing your opponent- Shuffle your deck, let your opponent cut it in half, place your deck facing down. Your opponent will do the same.

Pick up the top 7 cards from the deck- The seven cards you pick up will be your hand. At the beginning of each turn, a player draws one card and adds that card to their hand. No more than seven cards are allowed in your hand. When a card is used, discarded, or a creature dies, put the card into your graveyard face up. The graveyard is a pile below your deck and can not be played again.

Know each player has 20 life points to start with- The 20 life points can go up or down depending on how well you are playing. If your life points hit 0, your opponent wins. Players deal "damage" to both creatures and each other. The damage is dealt by creatures or spells.

Place your land card- Look at your hand and find a land card. If there is any, place one down in your play zone. Next, play anything that only costs one mana. If you place a creature, turn it sideways for the first turn as summoning sickness takes effect.

Understand the phases- Each player has five phases: beginning, first main, combat, second main, and end. Once, you gain an understanding of each phase; you will be ready to start playing the game. Good luck!

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