Most people have bowled once or more in their lifetimes. We have all done what we consider foolish things when learning how to release the bowling ball down the alley.

Have you ever tossed the bowling ball into the other alley or down the hallway alongside of the alley? I have done both. When the ball went down the hallway, fortunately the back door was closed otherwise the bowling ball would have gone into the parking lot.

Or you release the bowling ball and discover the bowling ball dropped behind you? The laughter was embarrassing.

You release the bowling ball and it hits one pin, toss the bowling ball again and it rolls in the ditch.

You try a fast ball, a medium fast ball, a curve and whatever else you can attempting to knock down the remaining standing pins and fail.

You decide to take a break. As you glance towards the alley next to you there is a young child who is using two hands, listening and following his parents’ instructions to look at the pins which he wants to knock down. The child bends his knees, looks forward, rolls the ball and scores a strike. He repeats the same action and scores a second strike.

As you watch this scenario take place you are thinking "it’s not fair".

Look again. It is not how hard you toss the ball down the alley, but the accuracy of lining the ball in a direct line with the head pin which will cause the pins to drop and score a strike.

To answer your question, how to improve my golf swing, one absolute secret is accuracy. And it is that accuracy which will drive the golf ball to the target flag or hole.

During practice sessions analyze the different irons as you experiment hitting the golf ball. Each iron has a purpose and you need to acquaint and know how to hold and handle each iron to benefit from its designed purpose. As you practice swinging each iron note the travel distance of the golf ball.

After understanding the distance which you hit with each iron and being consistent each time you hit the ball; you can choose the iron which will give you the distance shot needed in the given moment. Being consistent and exact with your golf swing should produce the desired distance.

The accuracy of driving straight and getting close to the hole is the end goal. Driving the golf ball to the right, left, short changed, too far, or into the wrong direction makes a poor golfer.

It would be great to hit the golf ball 250 yards and drop the golf ball into the hole with one stroke. However, that is not reality, it is a dream shot. Hit the ball as you normally would with your driver or other preferred iron with your natural swing and continue to improve from that point.

If having problems with your golf swing the best solution is to take lessons from a qualified professional golf instructor. It is unfair to yourself to self-correct your weaknesses.

A professional can observe and analyze your golf swing correcting the root cause to prevent chronic golf swing problems. The golf instructor can also immediately identify and correct flaws. It can be a club path problem, a club face problem or a combination of issues.

Or your golf swing could be your vision. Are you aiming at the target and still sending the golf ball elsewhere? Have you had your eyes checked by an optometrist?

Take time to develop a good golf swing. Design your practice plan and stick to it.

The purpose of your practice is to accomplish a goal. Your end goal is that when you swing the iron of choice, your club face should hit the point of impact squarely on its sweet spot landing the ball exactly on the desired target.

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