My Crazy Caddie ( is an exciting new social network and community for golfers that is 100% free and packed with crazy cool features for players of all skill levels. Some of the most exciting aspects of My Crazy Caddie are the tools provided for team building and event management.

(DATE)—Golf has taken a special place in our culture. It’s a lot more than just a sport.

Organizations host charity golf tournaments in order to give back to their community. Businesses host company golf tournaments to generate brand awareness as well as for team building purposes. Even individuals host them in the form of birthday golf tournaments, family reunion golf tournaments or just a bunch of weekend warriors holding a tournament for fun and bragging rights.

Hosting such events is not easy; event management is a bear. Not only do you have to clear the logistical hurdles, you have to get that word out. What good is a tournament or event if no one comes? And if you’re dealing with limited capacity, you’re going to have to manage RSVPs too, which adds another layer of complexity.

As golfers themselves, the people behind My Crazy Caddie had faced these challenges firsthand, so they put a strong focus on overcoming those challenges. The result is this comprehensive system for golf tournament and event management. They achieved far greater success than they ever imagined, with unbelievable ease of use.

My Crazy Caddie is completely FREE to use whether you’re just a weekend hacker or a representative of some group, such as a golf course, charity organization, and golf teacher, golf Pro, High school/College golf captain or HR department of any size company.

Use My Crazy Caddie golf tournament and event management tool to attack this challenge in a number of ways:

• Use the event manager to list a tournament anywhere in the world for all to see.

• Once listed, it automatically shows up on the events calendar and on the Google Maps.

• Then, make changes and updates to the listing as needed. Don’t worry all your guest will be notified with a click of the mouse.

• If it’s a public event, log into the forums, and then make a post about it letting everyone know.

• For events that are more exclusive, send out invitations and manager RSVPs right from within the My Crazy Caddie interface.

• During the event or after, use the photo and image galleries to post updates from you event. This is a great way to drive up participation for that next event.

Other Features of the FREE Event Manager

• Seat Allocation and Other Logistics

Use these powerful tools to know precisely who will come. Don’t overspend on food and similar items, and don’t schedule a meeting at Starbucks when the group has grown to 40+.

• Manage Private and Public Events

All of My Crazy Caddie tools are available to you at no cost (that’s right 100% FREE) whether you’re hosting birthday golf tournaments, charity golf tournaments, company golf tournaments, family reunion golf tournaments or any other kind of event.

• Google Maps

Google Maps is a powerful feature that allows people to find events using a bird’s eye view. It also helps them find their way to your event. They can even print out a hardcopy of the map and directions.

• Updates

Another great challenge of managing such an event is handling change. Not any more with the My Crazy Caddie system, this is a non-issue. Update it once or as many times as you need and the new data is there for all to see. You can even use the system to send out a message alerting them to the changes.

Well, there you have it: a snapshot of the power provided by My Crazy Caddie golf tournament and event management tool. But to see is to believe, so visit today ( and experience it yourself.

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