When you are having cosmetic surgery in Thailand, you need to be aware of a few codes of behavior in order to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. People have cosmetic surgery in Thailand because they can save thousands of dollars on the procedure, even when all other expenses are taken into account. Travel agents have a field day as approximately 16 million people visit Thailand each year, an increasing number of whom are medical tourists. When you are in Thailand, you need to do your best to respect the culture and mannerisms of the Thai people. After all, it is their country and you are merely a guest.


As you are saving so much money on cosmetic surgery in Thailand, there is no excuse not to be a little bit generous when it comes to tipping. While residents of the United States will be used to a ‘tipping culture’, it is not actually mandatory in Thailand though gratuity will always be a welcome surprise to a Thais worker. Public taxis have a standard meter which calculates the fare. You should negotiate the fare with the driver before the journey. Usually, the fare is rounded up so if a taxi ride costs 63 baht, you pay 70 baht with the change kept by the driver. The majority of Thai middle and high-end restaurants have an automatic 10% service charge on bills which is shared among the employees. In lower-end restaurants, tips are at your discretion.


One of the things you can guarantee when having cosmetic surgery in Thailand is that the clinics will be remarkably clean. Visitors to the cosmetic surgery Thailand client can testify to this. Cleanliness is a certainty because Thai people believe personal hygiene should be mandatory. The tropical climate of Thailand ensures that synthetic fabrics that promote odors will attract bacteria at a rapid rate. Therefore, frequent bathing is a prerequisite and as Thailand is so warm, you’ll feel compelled to do so in any case. Most cosmetic surgery clinics in Thailand will help you find accommodation so seek a hotel that has a laundry service. There are an abundance of laundry shops near hotels in any case.


Before and after having cosmetic surgery in Thailand, you must conduct yourself in public in the correct manner. This means that you should avoid sudden bursts of anger. You will be respected more for keeping a calm head and even temper. On occasions when things go wrong, try and keep a smile on your face as this improves your chances of getting what you need. It should also be noted that public displays of affection are usually considered rude so keep your passions in check until you find some privacy!

When you have cosmetic surgery in Thailand, it will not take you long to realize that it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The above rules of etiquette are no different to what you would find in any civilized society and should be adhered to in order to have the time of your life.

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