In the tropical islands of the Pacific, coconut is abundant and used for many different things. Every part of the coconut is put to good use. The water or juice of the coconut is consumed as a refreshing beverage. The milk is used as a main ingredient for cooking. Even the shell is used and hand carved into cups, utensils, jewelry, and musical instruments. One of the most beneficial parts is its oil. Not only can it be used for cooking, but it is also used in various products such as soaps, shampoos, hair oils, massage oils, margarine, and toothpaste.

Coconut oil is packed with vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant with great health benefits when taken internally and wonderful on the skin when applied topically. Coconut oil also contains a fatty acid called lauric acid. It is antimicrobial and kills fungus, viruses, and bacteria. Both vitamin E and lauric acid have incredible healing properties.

With these two potent ingredients, coconut oil harbors vast benefits on the skin. Its antimicrobial and healing properties enable it to be used effectively on cuts and burns. Not only can it make your skin heal rapidly, but it also forms a barrier on the skin, keeping it protected from harmful bacteria and infection. It heals and soothes dry skin and can reduce the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. It can also be used effectively to soothe the itching from poison oak and ivy and heal and protect your skin from sunburn. You can even use it to treat diaper rash, as well as sore and dry nipples from breastfeeding.

One of the main causes of acne is bacteria and the build up of dead skin cells. When combined with baking soda, coconut oil can be used as a scrub to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. Its antimicrobial properties can kill bacteria to help treat and prevent acne. It does not clog the pores and can be used as a face moisturizer, keeping your face soft and hydrated. It also reverses the effects of aging. Its powerful antioxidants can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and help firm and tone the skin. It also reduces bags and puffiness under the eyes and can protect your skin from the sun and from developing age spots.

There are so many other wonderful benefits that this "miracle oil" harbors. It is anti-inflammatory and can help reduce the pain and swelling of hemorrhoids. It is great when used as a massage oil and personal lubricant. Use it to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and varicose veins. Get rid of any unwanted fungus under your nails or cure itchy, irritating athlete’s foot.

The list of the benefits of coconut oil on the skin almost seems endless.I strongly encourage you to try it and see what amazing effects it can have on your skin. Just remember that not all coconut oils are the same. You want to purchase one that is pure virgin and is certified organic. Make sure it is fresh and not made from dried or copra and that it has not been, refined, hydrogenated, bleached or contain any GMO ingredients.

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