Like Bluetooth or WIFI Wireless power is a lifestyle technology that changes the way people live there lives by offering new levels of convenience and mobility. Currently wireless charging products are only available for low power devices such as mobile phones and portable game consoles but within the next year or two laptops and other higher power devices will be charging wirelessly too. One of the biggest advantages to the wireless power revolution apart from the convenience is that the power needed to wirelessly charge a device compared to a wired device is considerably less making it both green and a cheaper option to the way we currently charge.

The wireless power consortium announced on the 23 July 2010 the low power standard (up to 5 watts) had been finalized. From now on all brands product that conform to the low power standard will carry the Qi logo which is pronounced "chee" Expect this to be the start of a new era as many top mobile phone brands have been holding out incorporating wireless power into their products until the "Qi" standard had been set. In the next 10 years it is highly likely that the microwave or toaster in your kitchen wont have a plug because the worktop they sit on will have the wireless charging power technology built in to the very surface!

In today’s world we commonly interact with many portable electronic devices every day. Each of these devices requires power and we find ourselves plugging them in all over our homes and offices in a constant struggle to keep them all charged. Each device has its own power supply plugged into its own outlet and many of them are never unplugged which in and of itself wastes energy. Furthermore, many of these power supplies do not take advantage of the most efficient technologies available and therefore take forever to fully charge our devices. Finally, they often continue to deliver power

long after our devices are fully charged, wasting even more energy.

Wireless charging, is actually safer than regular charging as there are less cables, less connections to the mains and no fiddly wires to connect and disconnect, so hazards such as electrical fires and such are greatly reduced.

Currently the Powermat is the biggest selling wireless charging product but as mentioned earlier now the wireless power consortium have released the low power standard expect that to change very quickly with Apple, nokia both likely to join the wireless power revolution. Powermat you to wirelessly charge multiple devices with a single power supply. This not only eliminates the need to plug in each device individually but more importantly also eliminates the power that is wasted when each adapter is left plugged into the wall. Powermat’s custom power supply delivers power at the highest efficiency, abiding by the highest power standards (Energy Star 5). In fact, Powermat Mat’s single power supply can charge multiple devices as fast or faster than the original cord that came with the device. Also, Powermat builds intelligence into every Mat. Each charging location on every Mat monitors the charge level of every device and stops sending power when that device is fully charged.

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