Come summer and the kids are filled with joyous thoughts of the impending fun filled holidays. While the kids are busy fantasizing about their dream holiday, parents have to do the nerve-wrecking task of planning a vacation that can be a memorable as well as an enriching experience for the kids. In the United States, family-friendly destinations such as Orlando, Florida and San Diego in California are traditionally popular holiday getaways for families travelling with kids. Travellers from European countries book tickets on flights arriving in USA to check out the attractions like the Sea World and the Disneyland. Let’s find out what it takes to live the American Dream.

Wonders of the Disneyland

Nine or Ninety, Disneyland appeases senses of all ages. Especially for kids, it’s a chance to live the life of their favourite Disney characters. Make friends with Mickey and Donald, get cheap souvenirs and go for a hell of a ride at Disneyland. The only investment you make here is on tickets for rides and soft toys and an amazing time with your family. Europeans book tickets on flights majorly to watch this whimsical world of cartoon characters.

Heads up at Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore attracts millions of visitors to book tickets aboard flights and land here. The national memorial pays homage to four great US presidents – Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln. The heads of all the four presidents are carved 18m high into the tops of the cliffs of the mountain in South Dakota and is a great sight in itself.

Yellowstone National Park

Seated comfortably in the state of Wyoming, USA and covering a wide area of about 3,500 square miles, Yellowstone National Park is like a country in itself. The park is laced with lakes and streams of exquisite beauty and provides a countryside getaway in a land full of concrete structures.

Kaleidoscope of leaves-New England of Fall

Grab flights to the country and watch one of the nature’s spectacle as the leaves turn from green to red, golden and then brown. New England of fall is nature’s beauty at its best and you can ride down the winding roads lined with rows of trees with vibrant colours to experience the whimsical sight. The place is apt for biking, hiking, jogging and other such recreational activities.

The Famous New York

Booking tickets on flights to the USA is not entirely worth without a visit to the iconic New York City. The land of plenty is a perfect panorama of hustle bustle of the city life. A number of discerning holiday makers and business travellers book tickets on flights arriving in New York to experience the city’s amazing essence. This party city of North America is also home to many art galleries, museums and fast food restaurants and there is Central Park and Broadway to keep a traveller’s schedule busy. Summer holidays in the USA provide plethora of things to do for a family. Apart from the usual highlighted ones, a family holiday in US also suggests shopping at various fashion avenues, drinking and dining at amazing restaurants, enjoying the fast food at the streets, going to water and adventure parks and visiting many places of importance the country abounds with. Booking tickets on flights arriving in the USA is the best idea for this summer vacation.

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