Manchester is well known for its cultural diversity, which can be seen through the large amount of different restaurants catering for all its local residents. Not only this, but Manchester is the UK’s third largest urban area that has a well renowned night life.

Lets view what the great city has to offer not just tourists, but those looking to explore cities that are on their doorstep.

To begin, lets view the main reason that one would wish to visit Manchester is to shop. With two of the largest shopping centres in the UK you are sure to find something, whether its to find new electronic devices or to get the latest fashion, even to enjoy a night out at one of the restaurants. The Arndale Centre has a floorspace of 1,500,000 sq ft. And has around 38 millions visitors annually. This is not including the Trafford Centre which attracts 35 millions visitors each year. There is absolutely nothing missing when wanting high fashion, to your everyday essentials.

Moving on, sees us view the history and architecture that the city provides. Dating back to 79 AD , Manchester spent a large period as a manorial town that has expanded and grown at an incredible rate ever since. As such there can be a lot of architecture and history to be found in this single location.

For example, its worth seeking out the newly renovated People’s History Museum. A national museum dedicated to telling the tale of he last 200 years of democracy.

Another historic site, is Chetham’s library. Built in the 15th century and currently the oldest functioning English library. Just don’t forget to catch the free guided tours.

Lets say you are not wanting to spend time in the bustling city, within all the shops and restaurants. Then lets not forget that there’s a lot of outdoor activities and parks that helps makes a surprising contrast to the city. Featuring many nature reserves and wooded areas in the summer there can be many options to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Why not discover the Bridgewater canal and walk, run or cycle along the proposed 65km of leisure routes along the canal. Once finished here, why not try visiting the Manchester Cathedral. Originating from the first millennium, that has survived both German bombers and an IRA bomb.

There is much more to the city than first meets the eye, more than could ever be contained within a single article. But with some research its possible to get the most out of your travels into the city.

When staying for longer than a single day, its worth looking into staying in a hotel Manchester Piccadilly based. This will allow for short walking distances to many of the local tourist attractions and landmarks. Of those not included above, here are some other landmarks that are vital to visiting when in the city:

  • Piccadilly Gardens

  • St Peter’s Square

  • Manchester Opera House

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