Are there any real doubts that horse riding is an art? It takes skill, passion and the proper mindset. You need to not only love animals but also dedicate your daily life their care. Your horses become just as important to their owner’s lives as if they were their own family members. If you believe that you possess these qualities, then you most certainly have what it takes to become an expert horse rider.

Before you even think about climbing onto the back of a horse for an afternoon ride, you better be properly dressed for both safety and comfort. The most important item you’ll need is a helmet. In accidents involving falls, horse riding helmets protect your skull from an otherwise avoidable injury. Another piece of horse riding attire is riding boots. Find a pair which is comfortable and not too wide. You don’t want them getting stuck in the horse’s stirrups so that’s why you want a thinner boot.

Knee or ankle height boots with a low heel are adequate for simple, low-impact riding for example. I also personally like to ride while wearing gloves with a no-slip grip on the palm. Gloves allow you to comfortably hold on to the reins as you guide the horse. Now that you are all properly dressed, you can begin gearing up your horse.

You’ll need a bridle, a saddle pad, and a saddle. Move slowly and carefully when placing these on the horse. The last thing you want to do is startle or hurt the horse. When bridling, hold its head to steady it. Make sure it is on comfortably, not too loose or tight. When saddling, get a clean saddle pad, and place the saddle in its proper position before fastening it on the horses back.

Now both you and the horse are dressed. You can now properly mount. Take hold of the reins and stirrups before you begin. As you are doing so calmly and soothingly pet and talk to the horse. Do not try to mount the horse by sneaking up on it. It can be dangerous to scare the animal like that. Now, grab a hold of the front of the saddle and swing your right leg around the back of the horse’s body. Set both feet into the stirrups and adjust the track. This prevents the saddle from sliding.

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