Bicycle gloves are important to any biker. Whether you enjoy cycling for fun or you cycle competitively, you’ll find that the proper equipment is important to the quality of your riding experience. Although you are probably familiar with some of the biking gear, such as jerseys, biking shorts, and bicycle helmets, you may not realize how important bicycle gloves are. Before you brush off the idea of gloves as trivial, take a closer look at all the benefits that gloves can offer and you’ll probably change your mind.

Benefit #1 – Protection for Your Hands

One of the main benefits of biking gloves is that they provide excellent protection for your hands. Most cyclists end up falling at some point in time. These gloves can help to protect your hands so you are less likely to deal with scrapes, cuts, or embedding gravel in your hands if you do fall. Bicycle gloves can also help to protect hands from blisters, which can occur when your hands and fingers rub against the handlebars. Hurting your hands can bring a lot of discomfort, but you can avoid this by purchasing quality gloves for cycling.

Benefit #2 – Comfort

Another of the top benefits to wearing quality cycling gloves is that they provide you with some comfort. Comfort is important, no matter how long you plan on riding your bike. Gloves help to keep hands dry, even in wet conditions. They also provide warmth if the temperature is cool. You’ll be able to easily work the shifters and brakes, and you’ll be able to keep the right grip as well, even in conditions that are wet or cold.

Benefit #3 – Helps to Prevent Numbness

Cyclists that spend a long time riding on their bikes often end up dealing with numbness, which is also known as cyclist palsy. This numbness occurs in the hand and palm and it occurs due to the application of too much pressure to the hand’s sensitive nerves. You can prevent this numbness from occurring by using cycling gloves that provide gel cushions and padding.

Benefit #4 – Better Grip and Bike Control

Better grip and control of your bike is another of the many benefits that gloves have to offer. Palms can easily become sweaty while you are cycling, which can cause problems when you are trying to grip the handlebars. Gloves help to wick away the moisture, which helps you maintain dry hands, providing you with a better grip on your bike, which helps you to better keep your bike under control. If your hands are damp, it’s easy for them to slip, which can make you lose control and end up wrecking your bike.

Benefit #5 – Provides Shock Absorption

Bicycle gloves provide you with better shock absorption as well, another big benefit of using them. Many of the gloves available have cushioning on the palms. This cushioning is provided to help absorb road shock while you are cycling. Without these gloves, all that shock is transferred to the bike rider, which can make your back, neck, and shoulders ache after riding. When you wear bicycle gloves, they help to absorb that energy, providing a smoother ride and reducing aches and pains after cycling.

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