When you take an airplane tour of the Grand Canyon, you get to see as much as the entire National Park, there is just no way to cover that much ground on any other tour. But which type should you take? There is an air only tour and a landing tour option.

Both types give you a terrific experience. That means it all comes down to the types of things you want to see and the size of your travel budget. Let’s go into more detail:

Grand Canyon Landing Flights

Vegas is a popular departure point for landing tours. These are some of your choices. One popular West Rim airplane tour includes a chopper flight down to the canyon’s floor. Another exciting option is a float rip along the Colorado River.

You could also choose an air tour that drops you off on top of the rim so you can take a thrilling stroll on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. You can stand 4000 feet above the floor of the canyon on this glass bridge and 70 feet away from its edge.

There is a lot more to do on top of the rim and you can take a free shuttle ride wherever you want to go. West Rim highlights include the following:

Scenic Guano Point

Hualapai Ranch

The Interesting Cultural Center

Eagle Point Lookout

There aren’t many landing tours at the South Rim, but my favorite is the all-day tour that includes a smooth-water float trip down the Colorado and a 4×4 Jeep ride to the Slot Canyons at Antelope Canyon. Kids can participate as long as they’re at least four years old.

South Rim Trips From Vegas

One particular flight from Sin City to the South Rim is amazingly popular. The flight to the South Rim from Las Vegas takes under an hour and you pass over a good deal of the park before you land at Grand Canyon National Park outside the main gates to the National Park in Tusayan, Arizona. One of the tours comes with a 2.5 hour bus tour of the Park. You can also add on a 30 minute helicopter ride that is exciting and fun.

Grand Canyon Air Only Tours

These Grand Canyon air tours fly 365 days a year out of Tuscany’s GCA and out of Sin City. However, these tours stay in the air the whole trip and do not let you land in the National Park.

These are some of the points of interest you will see when your flight departs from Vegas:

The massive Hoover Dam

Beautiful Lake Mead

Grand Canyon West

The mighty Colorado River

The famous Grand Canyon Skywalk

Plus you will see many more scenic vistas before your plane turns around and brings you back to Vegas.

The air-only flights to the South Rim take you over the South, North, and East Rims. The highlights include the following:

The highest point in the park called Imperial Point

Zuni Corridor

The Dragoon Corridor which is the deepest part of the canyon

The Desert Watchtower

The beautiful Temple of Ra

Your flight lasts 45 minutes and you will see the most amazing natural scenery in the world. Plus, the airplane tour is very affordable.

The Best Flight Times

Morning is the ideal time to take an air tour of the Grand Canyon. The air is clearer then so you have the best visibility and the air is calmer so you experience less turbulence. The timing of your flight is extra-important for summer flights. But you might enjoy a beautiful sunset flight too!

Hopefully, reading this has helped you choose between a Grand Canyon landing tour or an air-only flight. Landing tours are popular for a reason, you get to see the canyon from above and experience it from the ground too. But, the air only tours are the ideal option if you don’t have much time or are on a limited budget. No matter which tour you choose, it will be an experience of a lifetime.

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