Looking after yourself, your skin, your hair and overall well-being plays a major role in maintaining a high degree of happiness. You should never underestimate the importance of the occasional pampering or relaxation treatment.

While snapping up the cheapest deal can be tempting, it’s worth doing some research on where best to go for your haircut, manicure or beauty treatment. Paying slightly more could leave you feeling much happier about the end result.


Before agreeing to any treatment, particularly if you’re trying something new, ensure the hairdresser, beautician or nail technician is qualified to carry it out. If there are no diplomas visible in the salon, you have every right to request to see these. It’s also worth consulting the salon’s website as this could detail information on courses, seminars or conferences the staff have attended. Look out for brand logos or "approval stamps".


Something that can really help select the ideal salon for you is the brand of products used. If this is a cheap, unheard of brand, then perhaps it’s worth looking elsewhere.

Companies that are keen on spending more on quality brands are likely to be more professional.

Some of the top brands also offer branded treatments. To be allowed to carry these out, beauticians need to have attended a special training course.

The Look and Feel of the Place

One of the keys to fully enjoying your beauty therapy is the atmosphere in the salon. Depending on your personal preferences, you might prefer a busy salon with lots of friendly chit chat. This is usually a sign of quality as, obviously, people appreciate the services and staff, otherwise it wouldn’t be so bustling. But you may prefer a peaceful, quiet salon with tranquil music and low lighting.

Don’t hesitate to pop into a salon and simply ask to see their treatment list for browsing. This is a good way to suss out the atmosphere, get to know the staff and also find out the prices.

Whilst in the salon, pay attention to the details. Look out for whether the beauty or hair salon furniture looks new and clean, glance at the floor and surfaces to ensure these are kept tidy and clean. These are all signs of the quality of treatment you can expect to get as well.

Opt for somewhere you feel comfortable and entirely at ease. If bright pink gets you stressed instead of relaxed, avoid choosing a salon with bright pink accessories. You get the idea.

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