I will always remember the first time I took a plane tour of the Grand Canyon. It was so amazing and I had so much fun, I decided then and there that I’d try to help as many folks as possible see the National Park by air. A lot of people have tight budgets though and that is why I want to share what I have learned about saving money on airplane tours of the Grand Canyon.

I’ve learned a few tricks over the years, including how to use coupon codes to save money on Grand Canyon flights. Besides that, there are some other money saving tricks and they include buying your tickets online and booking in advance. Here we go.

  1. Get Your Seats Early

Too many people procrastinate when it comes to buying seats for their tours. Plan to get your tour tickets at least one or two weeks before the date you want to take your flight. Waiting ’til the last minute (a day or so before the date you want) means several bad things will happen. For instance:

  • You might also miss getting the best departure times

  • Flights fill up as your date nears so you have fewer tours to choose from

  • If you wait until the day of your flight, the price will be a lot higher, so booking early is an easy way to save money

  1. Book Your Trip Over The Internet

You will find that Internet rates are the lowest as long as you stay away from sites such as Orbitz, Travelocity, and Expedia. It is best to go straight to the tour company’s website. Since they run the tours and control the prices, they can offer fantastic coupons and special deals.

Important Note, make sure you complete the entire purchase transaction on the tour company’s website. You’ll lose the big Internet discount if you don’t.

Now, on to Coupon Codes

You will save quite a bit of money by following the tips above. But you can also save money using a coupon code. Coupon codes are a series of letters and numbers that you enter into an online booking form to get a discount. Be sure to check the expiration date on them because they are usually only good for a short promotional period. It’s easy to do, and well worth it if you follow these steps:

  1. Go to the tour company’s site and select your desired tour

  2. Choose the date and time

  3. Enter all passenger info

  4. Enter your coupon code

It is that easy! When you use a valid coupon code, the price drops immediately, before you pay. You’ll save a tremendous amount by booking ahead, booking online, and using a coupon code.

Promo codes can be used for either South Rim or West Rim airplane tours. If you plan to depart from Las Vegas, you can fly to the West Rim or the South Rim, but when you fly out of Arizona, you will fly to the South Rim only. As of now, there are no flights between the two rims. You also cannot fly from the South Rim and land on the North Rim.

In Summary

The tips in this article will help you avoid paying full price when you take a plane tour of the Grand Canyon. Many people have saved money using these tips. They will help make an airplane tour more affordable for you too.

So let’s start packing! It would be great to see you in flight over the Grand Canyon!

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