If you are feeling stuck in your life or career, structures in your home may be (at least partially) to blame. Structures such as beams, staircases and pillars can negatively affect the flow of chi in your space and lead to illness, financial difficulty, problems in your career, and trouble sleeping. Let’s look at these three features in a home and some Feng Shui cures you can use to alleviate their negative effects.

Ceiling Beams Can Cause Illness

Some homes have exposed ceiling beams, either functional or decorative. When these beams are located above a desk, bed, or important seat, they can lead to illness, injury, or simply a feeling of being "stuck" in your life.

For instance, if a beam crosses your bed above your legs, you may face an injury that inhibits your ability to move or a car accident. A beam over your head may lead to headaches. Exposed beams crossing a bed are worse than those that run parallel.

To minimize the impact, paint the beams the same color as the ceiling or place flutes at 45 degree angles to the beam, or vertically with the flute’s mouthpiece pointing toward the ceiling.

Staircases Lead to Financial Trouble

Staircases in the center of a house or directly in line with your front door cause chi to rush out of the house too quickly. If the door is far enough away from the staircase (more than twice the height of the tallest person in your house) it won’t cause problems. But if the staircase is closer, you may experience financial difficulties. You can place a wind chime or round faceted crystal ball in the space between the stair case and door to alleviate these negative effects.

If your stairs have treads, they should also have risers — in other words, the treads should be connected so the chi can move freely up the stairs.

Pillars Create Obstacles

Pillars that obstruct your movement through a space can also block your movement forward in life. If you find a pillar creating obstacles in your career, finances or personal relations, you can add mirrors to its surface or cover it with artificial vines or flowers, in essence creating a tree.

Not all pillars create obstructions. Round pillars placed to the sides of a door, positioned as guardians but not blocking the entrance, elevate the chi of the entrance.

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