Are you trying to decide on a fantastic present for your mother’s holiday this year? Here is a great idea, take her on a chopper tour of the Grand Canyon. The choppers fly as usual on that day, so you can take her to either one of the rims. However, the best option is probably to take her to the West Rim and choose a flight that descends to the bottom of the canyon where you can enjoy a champagne brunch!

Mom’s holiday falls on a Sunday, the 12th of May. Don’t think you can wait until the last minute to book your flights though. These tours are so popular, the seats sell out in advance, especially on special holidays. So be sure to book your seats as soon as possible.

You should try to get your tickets at least one week in advance, two weeks in advance if possible. There are advantages to getting your tickets early:

  1. More tours and flight times from which to choose.

  2. You will get a discount on the price of your tour.

  3. And If you’re traveling with other folks, you’ll be able to get everyone a seat.

Since the tour helicopters fly with six passengers, it is important to book early so your family can all fly on the same chopper and no one has to fly with strangers. Also, give your flight time some thought. I suggest morning departures because that’s when the visibility is best and the air is less turbulent.

Grand Canyon choppers depart from two locations, Las Vegas where flights go to the South Rim or West Rim, and Grand Canyon National Park Airport in Tusayan, AZ where you can fly to the South Rim only. Choose the rim you think your Mom would like best. If you think she would be mostly interested in seeing scenic vistas of natural beauty, take her to the South Rim. On the other hand, if your Mom is adventurous, then take her to the West Rim.

Touring The South Rim

If you will be in an Arizona city such as Scottsdale, Sedona or Phoenix, then head to the GCA airport in Tusayan and enjoy the scenic drive along the way. From the airport, you fly to the South Rim, and then to the North Rim and back in a 30 or 50 minute flight. The 50 minute flight covers the same ground as the 30-minute flight but also takes you to the eastern edge of the National Park.

You can also tour the South Rim if you will be departing from Vegas. The South Rim is too far from Vegas to get there by helicopter so you have to fly in an airplane to the airport in Tusayan and catch a helicopter there for the tour.

West Rim Tours

Remember the champagne brunch for Mom that was mentioned a little earlier? Those are only allowed at the West Rim since landing on the canyon floor is prohibited at the South Rim, so only Vegas travelers can take that particular tour. On your way to the West Rim you will see the massive Hoover Dam and impressive Lake Mead. When you get to the Grand Canyon, you will descend 4000 feet to the floor where you can have brunch with your Mom and view the canyon on foot.

You can also treat your Mom to a pass to the Grand Canyon Skywalk or Glass Bridge while at the West Rim. Imagine the thrill on your Mom’s face as she’s standing 70 feet past the rim’s edge with the bottom 4,000 feet straight below!

Summing Up

A helicopter tour would be a terrific way to celebrate your Mom’s special day. But whatever you do, don’t scrimp. If you are lucky enough to be in Vegas, then picking the tour to the West Rim that includes a champagne brunch is a good deal. If you opt for the South Rim instead, look for a tour company that offers the EcoStar 130 helicopter. That is one of the best aircraft for sightseeing and it is very comfortable too. All Grand Canyon helicopter tours are fun so no matter which one you pick, you and your Mom will have a fantastic time and create wonderful memories.

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