One of the most notable American landmarks is the Grand Canyon, which is located in the northern part of Arizona. It is difficult to imagine its size as it covers over one million beautiful, rugged acres of wilderness. The main destinations at the park are the canyon’s South Rim and West Rim, and bus rides from Las Vegas can take you to either one in luxurious comfort.

The price of a Grand Canyon coach tour will depend on how many people are in your traveling group, but you’re sure to find one to suit your budget. You can choose to ride in a mini-van or a luxurious motor coach. The buses are fully equipped with creature comforts such as individual climate controls, comfortable lounge seats, window shades, DVD players, and clean restrooms. Each bus trip includes a friendly and informative tour guide.

A lot of the Grand Canyon bus tours also include pickup and return service to your hotel in Vegas. The traffic in Vegas can be brutal, especially if you don’t know your way around, so shuttle service is particularly appealing. It also eliminates the need to stress over finding transportation to and from your hotel, which is an important consideration if you’re not familiar with Las Vegas.

Both rims of the canyon offer amazing sights and fun activities. The famous Glass Bridge, or Grand Canyon Skywalk, is on the West Rim; it lets you walk seventy feet out over the vast drop into the canyon below. While at the West Rim, you don’t want to miss the breathtaking views from Eagle Point and Guano Point. And Grand Canyon West is the only place that offers exhilarating helicopter rides down to the bottom of the canyon.

Some of the most spectacular scenery can be viewed from the South Rim. Many of the breathtaking photos of the canyon that you have probably seen were most likely taken at the South Rim. Some of the highlights at the South Rim are Grand Canyon Village, Yaki Point, Mather Point and Yavapai Point. Bright Angel Trail and the Rim Trail are two of the trails you might want to consider taking. It is almost impossible to work in a mule ride when you are on one of the Grand Canyon coach trips because they have to be booked well in advance.

Climate is something you need to consider. The weather at the West Rim resembles that of Las Vegas except hotter. It is not uncommon for it to get over 100 degrees in the summer. You will need to have plenty of water and wear a sun hat, sunglasses, and sunblock. For even more sun protection, you may want to wear a shirt that has long sleeves. It’s cold in the winter, but the real issue then is the wind.

The South Rim’s altitude is 6,000 feet, so summers are comfortable and winters are cold and crisp. You will need the same supplies mentioned earlier to protect you from the sun in the summertime, but during the winter, be prepared to deal with ice and snow. In the summer, though, the weather is ideal, and the temperatures usually stay in the mid-80s.

The bus ride is long (5.5 hours to the South Rim and 2.5 to the West Rim) but fascinating. The route is the same for both bus trips. So in either case you won’t miss Hoover Dam or Lake Mead. At Dolan Springs, West Rim visitors turn off the main highway and pass through a Joshua tree forest. Those going to the South Rim continue down the highway and pass through the Kaibab Plateau before arriving at the National Park.

A Grand Canyon bus excursion is something you will always remember, it offers spectacular vistas like no other place on earth. Go ahead and indulge yourself, because you’ll remember your Grand Canyon tour forever.

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