When you want to produce music in your own home studio there are a few things

you need to learn before you get started and I will tell you what they are

so you can begin producing music right away.


The first thing you need to learn is your equipment and how to use it. Choose

the DAW software that you feel comfortable working in when you first try it

and stay with that software until you have recorded at least 2 songs so you

know you are happy with that software and comfortable with it. Now do

whatever you can to resist temptations to change software because you’ll be

spending time learning new software and less time producing new music. The

same applies to the hardware you are using in your Studio.

Even though hardware is difficult to replace it is often tempting to buy new

gear but it could be more productive to become familiar with your existing

hardware and how to use than replacing it with new hardware.

Learning your hardware and software and staying with your current equipment

until you really outgrow things can assist you to produce music quicker

without wasting time learning to use new equipment all the time.


It’s easy to get comfortable using the same drum kit the same electric piano

and the same synthesizer for every song but this becomes boring and when it

comes to the creative process you just lose people interest if every song

sounds the same. So try different instruments different settings on the

effects an experiment to be adventurous and create new sounds every time you

start a new project or a new song. Doing this will help you learn to improve

as an artist and keep your listeners interested.


There is no reason to have a complicated workflow so try and make things

simple and make life easy for yourself. You can use templates to setup tracks

and associated plugins. You can fast track your effect plugin usage by using

presets which you can then modify to give you the uniqueness required for

your current project.

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