Let’s face it, your life is one big mess. You just can’t get life work balance in order that you wish, one more fact is – there is no one to blame but yourself!

I know how it may sound to you, but you need to accept this as a fact if you really want to make cardinal changes in life, something that you are facing right now. It is important to take a right attitude, stop with excuses and take your life back!

I know this because I am husband, father, business owner and I still have time for myself, believe me, I was where you are right now, stretched between personal life, work and I never had any time for myself, or what was even worst, I haven’t had any real time for my family.


So what was the turning point? I started to look, what can I change, where to steel some of that precious time and canalize it to other aspects of my life? Fortunately, it was impossible to steel time from work and put it into personal life, fortunately because it made me face with life and to explore my life once again.

When I started to examine my life, the inevitable thing was to explore my own attitudes and how do I really function in this messed up world, I was in front of the wall and only thing I could do was to rebuild myself – in order to achieve life work balance that I strove for.

Excuses that I came up before was a thing of a past, after all, excuses made me a slave of my own life.

Taking responsibility is one of the best attitudes that you might have towards your life, remember, your life isn’t your work, if you are responsible only to your work your life will suffer!

Setting a goal…

Everything is fine. We know that our life is a mess. We just want to take control again and put it back on a right track. What exactly is a right track?

What exactly do you want to achieve, and what would you do if your life was in a perfect balance right now?

One thing is obvious – we are all restless, if we have a moment of peace, we get tired of it. We are humans it is in our nature.

I wanted to point out that goal setting is one of the important things, but when we reach our goal, we need to know what to do next, what is the greater goal behind the first one?

Too difficult you might say, but this is how great players in life function, same as in Chess – if we think few steps ahead we are winning.

Back to School…

Most of the times when we want to repair something that is broken, only right path is to start all over again, or we can just “stick it with a glue” and use as another excuse for our temporary satisfaction.

Remember the school time?

We had a time-table. We used to know our schedule for a week in advance, under my opinion, this is most overlooked and yet most important thing that we could learn back then. That simple time-table made our life thousand times easier, if it worked back then, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work now.

My final advice for now would be to face with your life right away, without delays, without excuses, cause this is the only way how you can achieve a real balance in your life and rebuild it to a life of your dreams.

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