Sometimes planning to travel with your children can be really hard. Whenever you are searching for the perfect vacation spots you have to consider lots of things. Finding the perfect vacation spot for your family can end up in an excellent trip that will be memorable for everyone or a great flop on the other hand. If you are deciding to go on vacation with your family consider this vacation spots. The Atlantis Paradise Island is a perfect vacation spots. Atlantis Paradise Island is an extremely new and exciting concept in resorts and water parks to be found on the Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The exclusivity of the ocean themed resort destination is what keeps the vacationers coming back into Atlantis.

It offers a huge number of lodging choices. This ranges from beach and coral towers to a beautiful tropical atmosphere. It has the iconic royal towers and the mega luxurious suite – The Cove. What is beautiful about this spot is the fact that wherever you decide to stay you will be able to take in all the wonder around you. It is an unusual world. There are a huge number of activities that you can join in. Snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming with sharks are just some of the things that you can enjoy here. There are also several clubs there that offer significance to the discussion of coral reefs. A part of the proceeds from the vacationers go into this. Snorkeling takes about forty five minutes in the water and it is an excellent experience and you get to learn a lot about the coral reefs and fish.

Atlantis resort Bahamas is also voted as one of the top place to scuba dive. They have two big tanks that they offer to the vacationers and it is a great opportunity for individuals who want to explore reefs and wreaks around the place. Another very attractive thing here is the beautiful big swimming pools around. They cover most of the area and are attractive the just hang around in. This along with the charming beaches and the immaculate clear water makes it a haven for individuals. The other attractions include Adventurer, which is basically a water park – giving slides, lazy rivers and rapids. One of the most well-known attractions here is The Current. Similar to this are the Mayan temple slides. Another place of interest is the Dig, another major tourist attraction with huge tanks and a lot of thrilling underwater sites to see.

You can also add a large number of activities in your vacation. These can range from Golf to Spa treatments to integrating a fitness center workout into your schedule. A major attraction here is the Premier Marina in the Bahamas, which is a luxury yacht. Visitors on the marina enjoy all the features available in the Atlantis and they have all the features that are available in the Atlantis. As soon as the waters get dark you can enjoy the night with a great collection of grills and eateries that offer a variety of excellent and delicious food. You can kick back and let your hair down at night in the broad variety of lounges and clubs that are there.

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