This winter season seems to have taken its toll on everyone, especially regarding PTO and Sick Leave! With such abundant volumes of viruses and contagions floating around the air this winter, here’s some simple tips from Eric Bridges (read more about Eric at his blog on to help keep you healthy in mind, body, and spirit!

  1. Eat vegetables – don’t be one!

-Keep fruit or veggie sticks – celery; carrots; radishes; green or red pepper strips; apple; orange or pineapple slices. Store them in air-tight containers or sealed bags – they’ll last weeks!

  1. Dig into that nut sack!

-Almonds, pistachios, sunflower and pumpkin seeds or walnuts are all health-heavy nuts that you can buy in bulk for snack time. Raw before roasted, if you can take it!

  1. Stop sucking soda!

-Too much sugar and caffeine can crash you during important times of the day. Replace that fizz with some natural fruit juice, water, soy milk or moo milk!

  1. Fish and fowl will make you howl!

-Lower fat meats like fish and chicken will help you keep that belly belted in. Pass those burgers by for some seasoned tilapia or tuna. Get your chicken baked. Don’t nibble the fried fingers unless there’s no other option!

  1. Get your sleep!

-Sometimes getting a good eight hours and studying in the early morning helps more with your information retention than a late-night cram session.

  1. Flush yourself with fiber!

-Since you will be eating garbage in college as well, alternate it with the thing that helps your digestive system work better to get the leftovers out of your system quick! Go for whole grain breads and cereals, or get a quick bran muffin instead of a donut!

  1. Manage your time!

-Most students don’t drop out because they aren’t smart enough to compete at college but because they didn’t manage their time. Take time to make a schedule that works and then stick to it to avoid unnecessary stress!

  1. Find your fat burner!

Most campuses feature physical workout areas and gyms or have sports clubs and intramural leagues. Find an activity that takes up a couple of hours a week to keep you active. Find a friend to come with you!

9)Drink your water!

Your body is 65 percent water because water is important to all the body’s functions. Make sure you drink a total of eight glasses of water each day. Some fruit juices count for this, too.

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