Golf can be an intimidating game to begin with, but adding extra levels of complication to the sport can hound you to the point of giving up.

The golfing yips are one of the most debilitating conditions in sports, and they are not only found in golf. Baseball players like Chuck Knoblauch and Rick Ankiel have lost their game due to this inability to throw the ball or make simple fine motor movements.

If the yips strike you at this inopportune time, you might find yourself flailing the club like a 30-handicapper, or unable to even move. It has happened to professionals of all skill levels. The yips have gotten the best of 8-time major winner Tom Watson, Champions Tour hero Bernhard Langer and potential all-time great Johnny Miller.

This conditioned response can stop you from making the simplest golf motions, even though you known how and you have done them thousands of times. If this happens, it is likely due to some past trauma that may have occurred on the course. The golf driving yips can stop you from hitting the ball, and even stop you from swinging your club, and the correct methods to stop this can be elusive when using the wrong methods.

With the yips, your game will crumble around you. Your playing buddies will feel sorry for you and you might seen your score and your handicap ballooning. When this happens, you could try switching up your game – many often do – but this isn’t the proper response to the situation.

When your game comes crumbling around you, the yips are the cause – not your swing or equipment.

The yips are most often attempted to be cured through the wrong methods. Many teachers or golfers try to get rid of the yips by transitioning to gimmicky approaches to the game, but these are not the right ways to fix the problem. They are available to you though.

If your yips find your missing putts, unable to think on the course, or without the ability to move, you may have attempted to get rid of them. But the most common cures tried for the yips are often done the wrong way, by changing mechanics or altering the fundamentals of your game.

Using this method for the yips in golf is like springing a leak in your kitchen sink, and attempting to mop up the mess without turning the water off. The yips are a nervous problem with your internal energy, and changing your game is like picking up that mop. You will still have the yips with your new mechanics if you do not first "turn the water off."

Correcting the Yips resurrected Tom Watson’s career, and made him a perennial force on the Champions Tour. He even almost won the 2009 British Open at 59 years old. Bernhard Langer has overcome his yips to become one of the most dominant forces on the Champions Tour.

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