Monday, May 27 is the date for Memorial Day this year. The holiday weekend also officially kicks off the peak months of the summer travel season, so if you plan to take a Grand Canyon airplane tour then, you had better book your seats early.

Airplane tours of the Grand Canyon depart from Vegas in Nevada and from Tusayan, Arizona near the South Rim. Flights operate on a regular schedule during the holiday weekend and depart several times daily. Plan to book your seats at least one week before your tour or they might be sold out.

Las Vegas Airplane Tours

If you plan to start your tour in Vegas, you can choose to go to the South Rim or the West Rim. It only takes around a half an hour to fly to the West Rim from Vegas, and there are several fun excursions you can take once you get there. One activity that can’t be missed is a helicopter ride to the bottom of the canyon. You can also enjoy a relaxing raft trip along the Colorado River.

Another fantastic tour option is a pass to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The Skywalk is sure to give you your thrills and chills for the day. It is a massive glass bridge that extends 70 feet beyond the canyon wall. You will feel like you’re walking on air as you peer between your feet to the canyon floor 4000 ft beneath you!

Choosing a South Rim flight from Vegas is a great option too. It takes 5 hours to drive to the South Rim from Vegas, but it only takes an hour to fly there. The basic tour includes a fun 2 hour bus tour of the region while the deluxe tour adds in an exciting helicopter ride across the canyon and along the Dragoon Corridor.

Grand Canyon Airplane Tours Of The South Rim

A great tour option is the one that lasts about an hour and takes you to the East, North, and South Rims. That tour covers nearly 75% of the entire Grand Canyon National Park. It is the ultimate way to experience the Grand Canyon when you don’t have a lot of time.

There is a fairly new air tour option to consider too that includes a raft excursion. It starts off with a 50 minute flight that takes you to Glen Canyon Dam where you hop in a Jeep and go on safari through Antelope Canyon also known as the slot canyons. After that, you hop on a pontoon raft and float 15 miles along the Colorado River. This scenic tour stays on gentle waters so kids as young as four are allowed.

In Conclusion

The Memorial Day holiday is a great three-day weekend to spend exploring the magnificent Grand Canyon while the temperatures are still mild. To experience the region as fully as possible, and to do it from a unique perspective, be sure to take an airplane tour. These trips are great fun, too, and affordable. And since the airplanes hold 19 people, your whole group can travel together.

Remember to get your tickets early and buy them online for the best price. Go to the tour operator’s site and don’t bother with the travel websites. When you complete your transaction online directly from a tour operator, you get the steeply discounted Internet price you won’t see anywhere else.

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