Welcome to BulkGuitarStrings.com’s article and video on professional guitar tips to always sound fresh when it comes to playing your guitar after restringing.

  1. Bulk Guitar Strings and Temperature

Store sets of fresh strings in in a cool place to preserve their quality before you restring. Remember not to leave them on the dashboard of your tour bus as the heat will slightly damage them!

  1. Guitar Cleaning Products

Use a variety of chemical solutions and guitar specific products specific to your guitar to ensure the freshest experience for your guitar strings. By using professional grade products, you will be able to service your guitar appropriately.

  1. Fretboard Polishing

Polish your fretboard to ensure your strings are always clean when they are restrung. By using the previously mentioned products, you will be able to prevent your strings from becoming dirty due to the dirt and sweat that is stained onto your fretboard.

  1. Trim Your Guitar Strings

Trim your strings for maximum tonal definition and enhanced freshness. Some prefer not to do this, yet the length of the string will detract from your tonal quality simply because it relies on a consistent vibration.

  1. Perform Wisely

Perform with fresh strings and play harder to enhance your sound, but play softly if you are practicing to extend the life of your strings. Different guitar techniques will affect your strings more than others, see which technique you find ruins your fresh strings the fastest and leave a comment below.

  1. Tune Automatically

Tune quickly and efficiently with an electric tuning tool to ensure your strings aren’t accidentally damaged during your restringing process. Using professional tools and products are essential to achieving success with a long-lasting fresh set of guitar strings.

  1. Maintain Your Guitar String Action

Maintain your guitar’s string height (also known as the action) so that it isn’t too high or too low, resulting in dead strings.

  1. Find The Right Set of Strings

Always match string gauge sizes to the intonation, tuning and playing style to maintain fresh strings.

  1. Buy Bulk Guitar Strings

You can buy multiple sets of strings at a time to lower the cost of each restring you perform.

  1. Become a Reseller of Fresh Strings

Purchase bulk guitar string ssets of 10 or 25 and resell your strings to make a profit out of your consistently fresh tone.

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