One fine morning you make a decision that you want to construct a tennis court for yourself. Then you find that your mind is surrounded with lot of thoughts and ideas which makes the thought confusing. So here is some information that will make your task easy!!! Tennis court should be such that it looks nice and also it should perform well so as to keep the maintenance low.

One of the most popular tennis courts are the Asphalt tennis court. The biggest advantage of this tennis court is that the maintenance cost is lowest or even negligible at times. This advantage of an Asphalt tennis court makes it very popular among the small organizations like school, apartments or even a homeowner. But before concluding on the court one should first figure out the needs. The size and number of courts, the finish of the court etc the color, speed and cushioning can be customized to the owners preferences. An Asphalt tennis court consists of 4 inches to 6 inches compacted road rock with 1inch of Asphalt and acrylic color coating. These tennis courts can be categorized into Standard or Cushioned tennis court.

Standard Asphalt Tennis Court

The color coating process begins once the stone base and Asphalt has been installed and the asphalt has cured for two weeks. The court is flooded to trace out the uneven areas of the court (the areas of the asphalt surface). These low areas need to be filled up by applying patch binder mix. To seal the asphalt surface one needs to remove out the minor errors or imperfections by applying two coats of acrylic resurfacing product. Then the court is painted by two coats of acrylic followed by the playing lines. The pace in which the ball will bounce can be controlled by adding sand as required to the acrylic resurfacing products and acrylic court paint. The coating protects the court from weather and affects the playing characteristics of the court. A hard Court results in a fast game which means that the ball bounces of the court surface in a very low angle. One disadvantage of the standard asphalt tennis court is that it is sometimes very hard on the body and joints of the layers

Cushioned Asphalt Tennis Court

When we apply a resilient layer on the asphalt court what results is a Cushioned asphalt tennis court. Cushioned court can be used for all weathers round the year matches. This characteristic of the court makes it favorable among the players. But the cushioned courts are relatively more costly than the hard courts. The cushioning is applied in between the acrylic resurfacing product and the court paint. Once the resurfacing product is applied, five to nine coats of cushion is applied. This includes first two to three coats of heavy rubber granules followed by fine rubber granules three to six coats.

The Playing Lines Specifications of the Tennis Court:

The outside dimensions of the playing lines for the doubles match should be 10.97m23.77m and for singles8.23m23.77m. The lines should be in between 2.5-5 cm in width. The base line should be 10 m in width and the centre line should be in 5 cm in width.

Orientation of the Tennis Court:

A tennis court should be laid so that the players are not distracted due to the sun or the shadow lines. The player should be able to follow the plight of the ball.

Every Tennis court is different and the outcome of the game really depends to some extent on the surface of the tennis court. Players must be aware of the surface so that they can judge and adjust their game plan accordingly.

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