Doha, the capital city of Qatar is a hidden gem within a growing part of the world that often gets out-shadowed by it’s neighbours. With the United Arab Emirates featuring many attractive locations, it can be easy for those unfamiliar with the Middle East to focus on only those locations that they know.

Doha currently caters for 60% of the population, in Qatar. The city dates back to 1825, when it was known as Al-Bidda, and has a rich history that involves wars, periods of depression and economic exports, such as fishing and pearling. Today the region is primarily known for it’s export of oil and natural gas.

With the recent speed of development along with urbanisation and extravagance being added to the mix, Doha is able to compete with those nearby cities and countries and therefore tempting many different types of tourists. It has fantastic endless beaches, scattered with sand bars and swimming opportunities. Is hotels, beautiful harbours as well as the great deal of natural beauty and impressive modern architecture also attract thousands of tourists year after year.

In the last eight years the economy has experienced outstanding growth and it is now widely known that the country is becoming one of the fastest-developing in the world, something clearly shown by its ability to produce world leading marinas. Including their modern amenities and state of the art sporting facilities, of which all feature within a soaring backdrop of towering skyscrapers and sculpted sand dunes. A country that offers only the best.

As stated, Doha is a key destination for marinas and a mixture of other water sports, something which has always been very important to Qatar’s residents. This lively city has a bustling sports calendar, all year round, from global show jumping championships to ice hockey and marina festivals. If it’s a yachting lifestyle destination you are looking for then there is definitely no shortage of marinas in Qatar.

It is worth noting that Qatar is only a single location that provides world class boating activities. Only a short distance away there are also many other quality marinas available. Here is a brief selection of the near-by marinas that the Middle East has to offer:

  • The Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi – Positioned in parallel to Abu Dhabi’s Formula 1 Race Track.

  • Almouj Marina in Oman – A venue created for sailing enthusiasts and an ideal venue for sporting events.

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