No job seeker wants to spend all of his time in the job search, the quicker he can reach his career goal, the better. That is the goal, right? The quickest way for you to land a great job is to assure your efforts are effective by being aggressive and focused. If you are ready to get the most out of your job search, use these insider tips to collect your ticket for the fast lane to your new job.

  1. Develop a Plan and Get Organized

Investing time to get organized and develop a job search plan will help speed up the job search process. Create lists of things you need to do and people to contact and use this plan to keep you on track as you search for a job.

  1. Create Your Templates

A personalized resume and cover letter are the keys to gaining attention and landing an interview, yet this does take time that you might not have. Instead of creating a whole new resume and cover letter each time you apply for an opening, develop a template with your basic information, which you can then briefly spruce up and customize with key words and accomplishments that are targeted to the job opening.

  1. Focus Your Efforts

Rather than wasting your time posting your resume on every job search engine, search for websites that are targeted to your geographical location or line of work. Use key words, relevant to your career field, when searching for posting and websites. This will eliminate any wasted time and make your efforts more effective.

  1. Get Networking

Incorporate networking efforts into each day of your job search plan. Sending an email or LinkedIn message is a quick way to connect with people in you network and inform them of you job search. Contact your previous bosses and coworkers, as these individuals are familiar with your work and may be able to offer you a job lead or referral.

  1. Go Social

Social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook have become the quickest way for companies to advertise job opening and for job seekers to land a job. Update your personal profiles to reflect your skills and accomplishments as well as the fact that you are actively looking for opportunities. Join and participate in groups that are focused on your career goals. You will also want to identify and connect with companies’ pages. Many organizations will advertise openings on these pages and thus you will be able to quickly apply for these positions.

  1. Perfect Your Interview Skills

Be prepared will help you accelerate your job search. Practice questions and techniques as soon as you begin the job search to assure you are prepared to ace the interview. Make sure you have appropriate attire and copies of your resume ready so that you can go on an interview at any time.

  1. Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Following up on applications and interviews is necessary to quickly land a job. Have everything you need for a thank you note on hand, so that you can send on directly after an interview. You will also want to follow up on any resumes and cover letters you mailed to companies. This will not only confirm their receipt, but also show your potential employer that you are a dedicated and focused professional.

  1. Try Something Creative

The quickest way to find a job is by knowing what you want, where you want to work, and aggressively pursuing it. Make cold calls and send your resume and cover letter to organization that you would like to work. When trying to quickly find a job, you must creatively and confidently be able to sell yourself to employers. Step out of your comfort zone and get creative with your sales and marketing tactics. For example, you can create a video resume, blast it on YouTube, and send it to potential employers. Another technique is to send a small item with your resume to gain attention, such as a coffee cup with a note stating you would like the opportunity to meet over coffee and discuss your qualifications. For a more traditional way to grab attention, send a small thank you note with your resume, thanking the hiring manager for reviewing your resume. The smaller envelope will spark his interest and assure he opens it.

While your goal maybe to gain employment as soon as possible, do not neglect your career goals and interests. It is possible for you to find a job you love in a timely manner if you use these tips to stay focused and organized on your search. You will go from job seeker to employment before you know it.

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