The Collingwood Magpies had an incredible year last year, and it is due them to have a look at their history and consider how they got to be such a celebrated team.

What has led to their greatness? What are some of the key dates in their history? Who are some of the "greats" associated with this team?

The premiership victory was certainly a great feat, and the Grand Final was such a neck-and-neck battle that it gave way to a Grand Final replay, in which the Magpies utterly trounced the Saint Kilda Saints.

Not having won a Grand Final for the past twenty years, the rejoicing amongst the Magpies’ fans was massive – prior to the game, AFL merchandise coloured the streets as supporters of opposing teams proudly showed their allegiance. This gave way to the colours of black and white following the game with flags and scarves blowing from car windows, fences, and anywhere else available to fly their colours.

Looking back on Collingwood’s first Premiership victory in 1902, it is significant to note that it was not only Collingwood’s first premiership season, but it was also the first time for the Grand Finals to be played at the MCG. In a nail-biting event the very next year, the Pies won their back-to-back title under warm conditions, and against a strong opponent, pulling into the lead at the last moment with a mere two points. The question remains for 2011 – will they pull off another back-to-back?

Not only has Collingwood succeeded to obtain two back to back victories, they have had a four year consecutive run – 1927-1930. Though they have competed in an outstanding number of Their victories got smaller however, and by the time the Grand Final came around in 2010, their supporters were ready for a party – and boy did they ever party! After 20 years of silence, they were back at the top – and no one was able to miss it. AFL merchandise abounded wherever one looked, and it seemed as if all of Australia was having a party…Not that all of Australia are Colllingwood supporters, but they certainly have a large fan base.

In fact, not only does Collingwood have the largest fan base in AFL, but they also hold the title for the largest supporters of any Australian sport. In 1970, when Collingwood and Carlton battled it out for the Premiership title, a record crowd of 121,696 spectators watched. And in 2010, the year of the Magpie, they beat their previous membership record with a total of 57,617. Many supporters purchase AFL merchandise and proudly support the Magpies.

With 8 Brownlow Medal winners, beginning with Syd Coventry in 1927 and the latest being Nathan Buckley in 2003, Collingwood has many prestigious players. Nathan Buckley also set other records, including the most bests and fairests.

Nick Maxwell is the current captain of the Magpies, having begun in 2008, and led them to victory in the 2010 Grand Finals.

True to their motto, this last year, the Magpies truly have prospered!

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