One of the simplest fashion accessories are scarves. But in spite of being simple, they can bring out the glamour of the one wearing it. It comes in various shapes, lengths and designs for different effects. But scarves are not really just a piece of fashion accessory. They were used for a different purpose from when they were first worn.

The ancient Romans were the ones who first wore scarves. They were mainly tied around the neck and used to wipe the sweat off their necks and faces. It became a fashion accessory when worn by women. The ancient Chinese also used scarves as part of women’s fashion as supported by archeological evidence.

Providing warmth during the winter season is one of the popular uses of scarves. It is simply tied or wrapped around the neck and worn together with thick winter clothing. But scarves are also used in places where the climate is hot. As previously stated, the ancient Romans used it to wipe their sweat. It can also be used to protect the individual from elements that can cause harm or inconvenience like dust or sand during a desert sandstorm. In certain cultures and religions, a scarf is required to be worn to cover the hair as a sign of modesty.

The modern use of scarves multiplies as a fashion accessory. Even during warmer seasons, many women still wear them. Like a man’s necktie, scarves can be used to accentuate a rather plain dress or blouse. One style to wear the scarf is to simply tie it around the neck as usual. Another is to tie it in a business-style fashion where the remaining ends and parts are tucked into it to give a neater, more professional look.

Another popular use of scarves is as a headwear. Women use it to protect their hair such as when travelling. Others use it not to protect but to cover in times that they do not like their hair. It has also become popular among women with cancers that are losing hair due to their therapy. Some styles cover the hair while some just function as a headband or a hair band.

Scarves can be tied around the waist as a traditional belt or as a side-knotted belt. As the traditional belt, a scarf can be folded and inserted into the loops of the jeans and then tied in front. The other style looks like a sash where the scarf is tied over a dress and then tied at the side to for a more fabulous look.

Enhancing the other accessories is also one of the many uses of a scarf. They can be tied on handbags or purses to add style to it. However, you should be sure that the scarf you chose matches your handbag or purse. With the different shapes and styles of scarves, the combination effect is limitless.

These are only some of the many ways that the scarf is used and their versatility makes them more popular in fashion among women.

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