We sat in a circle in the dark room and watched Angela’s Ghost Radar cell phone app on the table hunt for spirit presence as a line swept continuously across the dull green radar screen. Suddenly, a yellow bead of light popped onto the radar, alerting us of a spirit presence nearby. "What is your name?" Angela called into the darkness. We listened to the silence. "Can you tell us your name?" Then, buttons on Alice’s KII Meter, which senses electromagnetic fields, began glowing green, yellow and red. I felt a prickly sensation on the back of my neck.

Recently, I took about 20 of my mediumship students to a haunted basement in Scarborough, Ontario. Several people brought digital recorders and cameras, and Angela also had a spirit box, which gives off energy in the form of white noise that spirits can use to communicate with us. In addition, Fritz, a filmmaker from England’s National Film and TV School, recorded the goings-on for a documentary he was making.

We said a prayer asking for the highest and best to come through and guide us throughout the evening. Then Angela, Alice, Joanne and others set their ghostbusting devices on the table in the middle of the circle. "Is anyone here?" Angela asked, then again a little later. "Would someone like to talk with us?"

A blip showed itself on the screen of Angela’s telephone. The Ghost Radar app picked up an energy hovering nearby. Then things began happening.

"I feel funny," Robin said, and turned to Maureen sitting beside her. Several people thought they saw a mist move across Maureen’s and Robin’s faces. Brenda snapped a few pictures on her cell phone. When she called up the photos, jagged yellow lines crossed the picture. "Those squiggles look like spirit energy," I told her.

Several students were attracted to a full-length mirror on a back wall. I wondered if this was because mirrors are often portals to the other side.

I felt something come over me and said, "I don’t feel very well." At that moment, just to my left, someone took a picture of me. There’s a grey cloud swoosh just behind my head.

Other students showed photos they’d captured on their cell phones. Several had small white orbs that appeared to be dancing near the ceiling. Throughout this, Fritz moved around the room, recording everything on his video camera.

"Is there some special significance to the clock on the back wall?" Benjamin asked, pointing to the clock shaped like a motorcycle rider; the clock face was the bike’s front wheel. Angela laughed, (Later, she said the area used to be a hangout for a motorcycle club.)

I sensed a shift in the room – spirit had left the building, and the evening wound down. I asked everyone to take their seats again and we said a closing prayer.

As we headed upstairs to go back to our cars, I asked my students, "Did you feel the evening was worthwhile?"

"Yes!" they enthusiastically replied. And Angela said, "When can we do it again?"

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