Do you strive to become a ping pong professional? If yes this article will definitely add value to your physical and also mental game. The biggest misconception with which many players are living is that they believe and think that the game is only physical. On the other hand, if you just look a few minutes to one of the best players in the world, and observe how they behave, how they train, and how the concentrate on positive thinking patters, and controlling themselves in every possible situation, you will notice that this game called table tennis is both mental and also physical.

The serious player also has to focus on the reduction of stress, negative feelings, and basically everything that is not congruent with their goals on how the match will end. By bringing a realistic, optimistic, and also strong attitude to the table it becomes less likely that a person will suffer under negative feelings or stress. If you are not well prepared for a match and aren´t even motivated to hold the ping pong paddles, because you experience defeat after defeat, it is pretty common that the current game will end like the previous ones. But what about if a player wouldn´t concentrate on the past results, and just go to the table with the attitude of a winner? It has been proven that if a person lacks self confidence and also ambition, it is very difficult to compete against trained and great players.

Focus on minimizing the effects that the results of previous matches could have, especially for negative ones. Accept the fact that you might have made a couple of mistakes, not been in shape, or simple couldn´t focus on this particular game at all. This is the attitude that you want to sustain when entering a table tennis table. Never enter it with the belief that you won´t and also can´t win this game today, because if you do this it becomes more and more likely that you will experience and achieve exactly what you think about.

Many individuals become completely stressed out and nervous when it comes to finishing a game. This has a definite reason, and it is that you already are very close of winning but you might believe that your opponent can still overtake you. Don´t let this happen to you, because you have to play if you have already won this particular match. Fear and anxiety leads to weakness and nervousness during each ball contact. Make sure to hold your ping pong paddles smoothly, and concentrate on playing your A-game all the time.

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