When you consider analogies about life, let me ask you a question. Would you prefer your life to be a tight-rope or a song?

I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs or executives about the concept of work life balance. They ask, can personal and financial success exist together? The answer is yes. You can have great personal success and financial success at the same time. Unfortunately, many people are seeking and being taught to seek work life balance, which I consider the tight-rope.

The idea is to separate your personal life from your business life. Most of my clients are entrepreneurs and there is a hard and fast truth they have to deal with. As an entrepreneur, as well as for many others, you cannot separate your personal life from your work life. You just have a life and both of them are integral.

Regardless of your current professional situation, trying to balance your time and energy isn’t going to provide any sort of fulfillment for you. However, if we look at life in the sense of harmony instead of balance, we see a greater opportunity for a wonderful and fulfilled life.

What do I mean by harmony? Consider an orchestra. There are many instruments, but they don’t all play the same way. Some play loud, some soft, and some not at all. They all perform in line with what their role is at any given point in a performance. The conductor gives them their cue based the overall vision of the concert.

The same can happen with your life. When you take the time to craft a vision for how you want your life to look, you can decide what role the different areas of your life will play. The great part of harmony is that it can be dynamic and fluid. As your life changes

you can give new roles to suit your vision.

So many people approach work life balance like it is some place to arrive and stay. How many pieces of your life stay the same from one year to the next? If we are constantly trying to balance something, we burnout and resent parts of our lives. By deciding what we want first and allowing the various pieces to fill their places within the vision, our lives resonate with the same beauty and harmony as a virtuoso performance.

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